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Do I pay the franchise fee every year?


No, the franchise fee is a one-time fee paid at the time that you sign the franchise Agreement and before you are set-up as a franchise.

Do I need to hire additional staff to participate in the ConvaCare® program?


Not necessarily. In fact, we encourage you to utilize existing staff, at least two people who have completed training and are familiar with the program, until your business grows. We will work with you on your staffing requirements.

How much space do I need to display and store equipment?


We work with many pharmacies and businesses with limited space. We require enough space for display, at least 100 square feet and at least 100-500 square feet for storage of equipment and supplies. You must have enough room to keep equipment and supplies on hand for the set-up of new patients.

Will I need to purchase a van when I first sign the Franchise Agreement?


Usually, it is not necessary to purchase another vehicle at the beginning, but you must follow our guidelines for the safe transportation of equipment.

Do I need to purchase medical equipment from ConvaCare®?


No. All items on the consigned list of inventory are provided to you. You do not purchase these items and you do not own them. We continue to monitor your stock levels as your business grows.

Do I pay you a residual each month for ConvaCare® business?


No. You do not make payments to ConvaCare®. In fact, ConvaCare® pays you a commission check each month for cash collected on rentals and sales of consigned equipment and supplies.

Do I need to market my business to the local medical community?


Yes. Even though we support your efforts through materials and training and limited sales calls, you must make a commitment to sell your services both internally and externally. Making sales calls gives you the ability to share information about the ConvaCare® programs as well as programs offered by your pharmacy or other business.

Is training provided once my operation becomes a ConvaCare® franchise?


Yes. We provide a combination of on-site and virtual training sessions.
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Disclaimer: This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. For more information ask us for our Franchise Disclosure Document.

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