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Franchise Benefits
- Quality home medical equipment
- Billing and collection of all claims
- Marketing and Sales support
- Education, Training, Updates
- Clinical respiratory expertise
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Your Role in a ConvaCare Franchise

  • Provide two individuals - one primary and one as back-up - who are assigned responsibility for the ConvaCare program and the home care patients.  The primary roles include a Home Care Consultant and a Delivery Technician. Full time assignment is not necessary.
  • Obtain the physician’s initial order for home medical equipment, oxygen and supplies, and gather the intake information for the patient.  ConvaCare’s Customer Service staff will verify then follow-up for any further information that might be required by Medicare or other third party payers.
  • Assist in the recommendation and selection of equipment; delivery and set-up of equipment including performing a basic home safety assessment; provide patient and caregiver instruction on the proper and safe use of the equipment; complete necessary documentation.
  • Set-up a simulated home care display of equipment that gives the prospective patient and/or caregiver an opportunity to visualize the equipment in a setting similar to the home.  ConvaCare staff will assist in this effort.
  • Operate your program in accordance with accepted policies and procedures, and accreditation standards.
  • Market your home care program to the local medical community. 

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