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Franchise Benefits
- Quality home medical equipment
- Billing and collection of all claims
- Marketing and Sales support
- Education, Training, Updates
- Clinical respiratory expertise
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Accreditation and ConvaCare services

ConvaCare’s commitment to quality is evidenced by our accreditation by the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP).  ConvaCare was one of the first companies to seek voluntary accreditation twenty years ago. 

  • ConvaCare meets the ongoing requirements of accreditation as outlined in our Policy, Procedure and Training Manuals.

  • Information, policies and processes are taught to the Franchise personnel to ensure that quality standards are practiced daily as it relates to patient care, human resource, equipment, facility, performance assessment and improvement, safety, vehicle, and regulatory compliance and management.

  • CHAP and routine policy and regulatory updates are available to the Franchise through Workshop training, Regional Seminars, Bulletins, Continuing Education In-Services, Teleconferences and on-site audits.

  • ConvaCare ensures compliance of all related policies and procedures so that accreditation can be extended to the Franchise for the ConvaCare consigned medical and respiratory equipment. 

  • CHAP has established processes and pricing to the Franchise for accreditation of all non-ConvaCare items being billed to Medicare Part B.

Recently, ConvaCare successfully completed the CHAP triennial survey and was granted Continuing Accreditation.  The extension of accreditation to ConvaCare and the Franchise locations exhibits our continuing commitment to provide high quality patient care, services and products through processes which have stood the test of time.

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